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Fort A.P. Hill Employee Appreciation

Get Together Fort A.P. Hill Employee Appreciation Get Together – Friday 10 June 2011, 1130-1330 – Picnic Area Beaverdam Hot dogs and hamburgers provided by LTC Haefner and CSM Reyna! Bring your drink and something simple to share to complement … Continue reading

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Free fishing on Fort A.P. Hill.

Free Fishing on Fort A.P. Hill In compliance with the Virginia State Fishing Regulations, Fort A.P. Hill will be participating in Free Fishing Days on 3-5 June 2011.

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Wealthy in Heart

The first Englishman to see the land that would be Caroline County was Captain
John Smith during his explorations of the Tidewater between 1607 and 1609. According to
Smith’s 1624 account of Virginia, forty-three tribes inhabited the area. Thirty of these tribes
were united within the Powhatan Confederacy. Their territory ranged from south of the
Potomac River to the Falls, including areas along the Rappahannock River (Roundtree 1989:
17). For nearly 40 years, the Pamunky tribe, the most powerful of the Powhatan
Confederacy in the vicinity, blocked attempts to settle along the Rappahannock and interior
land that would one day be Caroline County.
As settlement radiated beyond Jamestown, plantations were built along the James
and Potomac Rivers. Initially, a treaty in 1646 with Necotowance prohibited settlement from
the Wicomico River to the Rappahannock; however, the Act of September 1, 1649 by the
Virginia General Assembly resulted in opening the territory to settlers. The first recorded
land transfer in the area was conducted between Accopatough, the Rappahannock Chief,
and Moore Fauntleroy in 1651. Fauntleroy purchased lands situated in two necks on the
north side of Rappahannock Creek to the bounds of the Potomac River. Soon afterward in
1652, land was acquired by Colonel John Catlett I and his half brother Ralph Rowzee in the
area that is now Port Royal (Fall 1982:4). Over the next several decades, area residents
participated in building the agrarian economy that would power Virginia and the South
through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Caroline County was formed from portions of Essex, King and Queen, and King
William counties in 1727. Encompassing 529 square miles, the county was named for Queen
Caroline, King George the second’s wife (Gray 1985:12) Similar to other tidewater counties
of Colonial Virginia, the raising, harvesting, processing, and shipping of tobacco dominated
commerce. Warehouses and docks at what would become Port Royal facilitated the brisk
tobacco trade, making the small port town a focal point of commerce throughout the
eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Corn, peas, wheat, and other grains were exported in
much smaller quantities from the county’s rich soil. Imports from England such as finished
textiles, ceramics, glassware, and exotic cargo like thoroughbred horses were off-loaded at
the docks located at the present-day town of Port Royal (Fall 1982:195-217). Continue reading

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Army Birthday 5K Run/Walk

Fort A. P. Hill MWR invites you to the Army Birthday 5K Run/Walk on 14 June 2011.    The Run/Walk starts at 0830 hours at the intersection of Travis Lake Road and Fort A.P. Hill Drive.  Please access start point on … Continue reading

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May 23, 2011 edition of the Fort A.P. Hill Down Range newsletter

Read the award winning Down Range newsletter! This edition; Airborne! 4-73rd Calvary Regiment “Gets after it,” preps for pending combat mission.

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Army Birthday: SMA Chandler

Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III shares his Army Birthday message with Soldiers and their families around the world.

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Fort A.P. Hill 2011 Run/Walk/Bike/Swim/Exercise to Rome

Sign up for the Run/Walk/Bike/Swim/Exercise to Rome program at Fort A.P. Hill Community Activities Center, Building 106. It will run until 16 September, 2011. Total mileage to Rome is 4,619.  Please submit this entry form to the Community Activities Center, … Continue reading

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