Commander’s Dispatch – 02 September 2012

I trust everyone had the opportunity to enjoy some well deserved “down time”

this past Labor Day Weekend and that we return to the workplace recharged
and ready to continue our mission. I took the opportunity to watch the
Caroline County vs Essex County HS Football Game on Friday (well played with
Essex winning in the end) and then visit Family in Fairfax County. Glad to
see so many AP Hill members at the Football game and look forward to making
Friday Night Football part of my weekend routine. Our upcoming schedule
proves challenging given the shortened workweek, however, there are a number
of significant opportunities for us to generate success and promote AP
Hill’s mission.

Last week’s schedule was dominated by “Community Relation” type events while
continuing our mission to support Warrior Training. Some highlights from

1. Training Support. Last week continued our transition in training support
requirements as the preponderance of support & range operations moved from
our National Guard and Reserve Component to the full array of Joint and
Specialized mission units. Last week, AP Hill supported 28 units and over
1800 Warriors executing live fire and maneuver training across our range
complex. We should expect increased risk levels associated with range
operations over the weeks and months ahead as higher tier units conduct
enhanced and dynamic training events consistent with their specialized
mission requirements. As such, we must remain vigilant with our range
operations to ensure both a challenging and safe training environment.
Training Support remains our most important effort and the cornerstone of
our installation’s mission.

2. Workforce & Community Wellness Programs. As noted previously, last
week’s schedule was dominated by “Community Relation” type events.
Holistically, these events focused on enhancing our mission requirements
(individually &
collectively) as well as improving the quality of life for our workforce &
their Families, our partner units on the installation, and the rotational
units that utilize our facilities. To highlight some of these various
events & programs:

a. Civilian Wellness Program. A special note of thanks to Mr. Jason
Applegate, FAPH Environmental Department, who has volunteered his time to
oversee the AP Hill Civilian Wellness Program. In recognition of the mental
and physical wellness benefits of regular exercise programs to the Army
Civilian staff, AP Hill supports IMCOM efforts to change AR 600-63 (Army
Health Promotion) by increasing the amount of time Army Civilians can
participate in authorized Fitness Programs during normal duty hours.
Currently, authorized Fitness Programs allow government civilians to
participate in Command-sponsored regular exercise programs for a limited
(3) hours a week for a 6-month period, once in a Civilian’s career. We seek
to remove the current time limitations so as to maximize physical & mental
fitness activities. If you are interested in participating in this effort,
please coordinate directly w/ Mr. Applegate for associated administrative
requirements and timelines. Based on the great participation in last week’s
MWR Sponsored FAPH 5K Labor Day Fun Run/Walk, our workforce appears ready
and willing to take on this effort…awesome performance by all participants
and support personnel!!!

b. Fort AP Hill Community Town Hall. Last week was our first
Community Town Hall which serves as the primary venue for AP Hill residents
(Hopemont &
Greenland) to receive current information on events that effect our housing
areas as well as provide feedback/recommendations on enhancing our housing &
community efforts. As part of this forum, we also seek to provide residents
with a variety of educational opportunities that will help them better care
for themselves as well as care for their neighbors. During this meeting, we
provided training on Shelter In Place Kits, Fire Prevention, and Cold
Weather Procedures along with the most current information on housing
projects & upcoming “Family Friendly” MWR events (including the first ever
FAPH Doggy Plunge on 8 SEP and FAPH “Crab Feast” on 28 SEP). Although
primarily geared to support AP Hill residents, I will continue to encourage
participation from the entire workforce as many of the discussed items are
transparent to living on or off post (for example, the establishment of the
FAPH Archery Range & FAPH Golf Driving Range both slated to open in the
upcoming weeks). We look forward to the next Community Town Hall in
December timeframe.

c. Fort AP Hill Partner Town Hall. Similar to the Community Town
Hall, the Partner Town Hall serves as the primary venue for AP Hill partner
units to receive the most current information on significant installation
activities, provide feedback on how the installation might better support
their mission requirements, and establish networking opportunities between
partner units to enhance mission sets and create training efficiencies. As
this was our first meeting, focus was given to identifying key garrison &
partner unit leadership and missions. Particular discussion was made to
inviting partner unit participation in the upcoming AP Hill “Stand Up for
Life” training on 27 SEP as well as partner unit support to AP Hill’s
Strategic Planning Session(s).
Future events will continue to encourage cross-talk between partners and the
installation staff as well as between the partners themselves.

d. Fire Prevention Training. FAPH Fire Department Inspectors
completed inspections and fire safety training at all Army Family Housing
quarters and Greenland trailer park (including vacant quarters) in an effort
to prevent any residential fires from occurring as well as training
occupants on what to do if a fire does occur. This was a very good
preventive measure to help stem off the possibility of fires occurring on
the installation and take care of eachother in the event one dose occur.

e. Regional Religious Leadership Meeting. I had the opportunity to
meet with several local area religious leaders this past week. Although
primarily focused on garnering their support for the upcoming “Stand Up for
Life” event, the group did acknowledge a desire to increase their support to
our workforce in all matters. Given our primary Chaplain support is
arranged from Fort Belvoir, the opportunity to leverage local religious
leaders in counseling and support roles dramatically increases timeliness
for response in times of need.
Additionally, given our demographics, local religious leadership may provide
a more appropriate engagement opportunity for our predominantly civilian
workforce. We will continue to development this relationship and provide
contact information as you need.

f. OSD Army Compatible Use Buffer (ACUB) Team Visit. FAPH hosted a
very successful visit with the OSD ACUB team led by Dr. Dorothy Robyn,
Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations & Environment) which
included representation at SES/GS-15/O-6 level from OSD, DA and OMB. The
team was conducting a “range tour” related to the Readiness and
Environmental Protection Initiative program (the Army component is the
compatible use buffer program). The team was primarily comprised of
environmental and financial personnel who needed to get a sense of the
“bottom up approach” to compatible land use planning at installations. A
better understanding of how we approach the problem at the “dirty boots”
level assists them in executing funding and resources across IMCOM
installations. The team departed with a much better appreciation of what
any installation must go through when developing/executing plans for
compatible use buffer areas that support mission requirements and enhance a
“good neighbor” relationship with the surrounding communities. Many thanks
to the Staff and Partner Units who participated in the event. Success
resulted directly from the great teamwork & coordination with words &
actions reinforcing our message that AP Hill is instrumental to mission
requirements and serves as a critical contributor to our National Defense.

3. Personnel Recognition. Although highlighted in previous Dispatches, I
would like to remark on the FAPH Employees who were recognized at last
week’s Staff Call for their nominations and/or selection as Fort AP Hill
Employee of the Year. The following personnel demonstrated their consummate
professionalism and dedicated service to AP Hill’s mission:

DES – David Benson, Cindy Tate, Mark Weeks; DOL – George Caldwell,
Donna Eldridge, Luis Morales, Jerome Ware; DPTMS – Steve Eger, Jessica
Glusing; DPW – Steve Weatherby, Angela Young; PAO – Michael Meisberger

As noted during the award presentation, although awards are issued to
individuals, they are symbolic of the many great efforts of those that work
with the individual as subordinates, peers, or supervisors. Their
individual accolades speak volumes for the entire Directorate they
Congratulations to all!!!

One other AP Hill employee that I would like to recognize here is Ms. Stacy
Petry, DPW. Based on last week’s Dispatch, Ms. Stacy volunteered her
personal time to lead the FAPH Holiday Party Planning Council. Yet another
individual example of our great AP Hill. We would like to encourage your
participation in this event both in planning as well as in actual
participation. Offers of support can include employees, Family members, or
retired AP Hill employees…we want & need everyone’s input to make this a
truly special event. We want to have an event that brings the “AP Hill
Family” together to count our many blessings and honor the dedication and
hard work done over the past calendar year. Anyone interesting in
supporting the planning, please contact Ms. Stacy or Ms. Debbie (Moore) for
information regarding follow-on planning sessions.

3. Personnel Restructure. As noted last week, we initiated discussions on
our organizational structure and manning. Understanding Personnel as our
top challenge, we seek creative options to “grow” our ranks while staying
consistent with our Higher Headquarters guidance for restructure. To ensure
common awareness of our approach, we are using the FY 13 Provisional TDA as
our starting point while continuing dialogue with IMCOM on the FY 14 TDA to
ensure any differences between the two are accounted for and do not hinder
our ability to operate at maximum efficiency & effectiveness. Every effort
will be made to “right size” & “right person” ourselves while creating an
agile and supportive staff that supports ourselves, our partner units, and
our rotational units alike with the “personalized” attention that is a
hallmark of our entire organization. This effort will be included in our
Strategic Planning sessions as we shape AP Hill to meet the challenges of
today and create options & opportunities for our future.

My priorities for next week are:

1. Support/execution of challenging & realistic training for both tenant &
rotational training units (planning for 24 units and over 2900 Warriors)

1A. Get the kids off to a good start at school (4 SEP for Caroline
Best of luck to everyone with school aged children as they begin a new
academic year filled with learning opportunities

2. Execution of the preliminary Fort AP Hill Strategic Plan session (6
SEP) — begins with review and revalidation of our organizational mission,
vision and guiding principles; assessment of the current and future
operating environment including on and off post activities that may
influence how we operate (includes resource issues, political climate,
community relations, force structure and equipping trends); and AP Hill
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) validation exercise

3. Continued preparation for FAPH “Stand Up for Life” Day (27 SEP)

4. Refinement of DOL to ASC Transition plan & activities to ensure a
seamless transition of DOL services to the installation (garrison, partner
units, and rotational units)

5. Higher Headquarters reporting activities to include Direct Reporting
Garrison VTC w/ IMCOM (4 SEP) & JFHQ-NCR/MDW Commander’s Conference (5 SEP)

6. Execution of MoUs & MoAs with local, regional & state law enforcement
agencies & organizations to ensure full range of protection & safety for the

Tuesday’s Staff Call will be Training Focused. No focus topics scheduled at
this time. AP Hill Corporate Board is scheduled for 6 Sep to initiate
planning effort for the AP Hill Strategic Plan.

Thanks again for all you do every day to ensure AP Hill’s success.

“Bring Hill Up!!!”

Peter E. Dargle
USAG Fort A.P. Hill Commander

About U.S. Army Garrison Fort A.P. Hill

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