Commander’s Dispatch – 16 September 2012

As I write this week’s Dispatch from off-site (CSM Whitcomb & I are participating in the IMCOM Garrison Leaders Course), recent world events
should only reinforce the important of your work and AP Hill’s mission to prepare the joint force for our nation’s call. Our world is a dangerous
place, and it is your personal and collective efforts that ensure we enjoy the freedoms & rights we have. You are doing a great work and we must
continually challenge ourselves to remain vigilant in pursuing our objectives and dedicated to providing customer service & support that are the trademark of our installation.

Some highlights from last week:

1. Training Support. As a Regional Training Center, we support challenging & realistic training for an increasingly diverse population that includes top
tier units & organizations from our special operations community,
conventional active duty, national guard, and reserve units from across the
joint force, and multiple interagency organizations & activities. Last
week, AP Hill supported 37 units and over 4200 Warriors executing live fire
and maneuver training across our range complex.

2. Funding. Although looking forward to the start of FY 13, we must finish
FY12 strong in terms of maximizing obligations for our remaining funds. We
must make the necessary commitment, in terms of time & personnel, to
complete our administrative requirements of requested service contracts or
risk losing out on potential opportunities that will impact our capabilities
& capacity to complete our mission. As I have noted before, as we move into
FY13, I want to position ourselves to a point where we are knocking down
doors for more money with projects/contracts that are prioritized and
prepared for submission when funds are delivered.

3. Community Support. A great deal of thanks to our local area citizens and
leaders who supported training for 96th Civil Affairs Battalion last week.
In preparation for their upcoming deployment, 96th CA BN requested
opportunities to engage with key local area leaders to gain awareness on the inner workings of a town and how they collectively solve challenges and
support their constituents. A deep appreciation to Mayor Nancy Long, Mayor
of Port Royal, VA, Mr. Bill Wick, Port Royal Town Council, Mr. Richard
Covington, Utility Manager for Rappahannock Electric, and Ms. Monica
Chenault, Port Royal Town Council. Based on feedback from both the local
area and unit leadership, this was an overwhelmingly positive experience for
both sides. This event serves as continued visible proof of the great
relationship between AP Hill and our neighbors outside the gates. We are
fortunate to enjoy such a positive and productive environment.

Another Community Highlight from last week was the “Kickoff” of the Joint
Land Use Study on 10 SEP. Mr. Perrotte and I attended this event in Bowling
Green which included good representation from across the region and the
responsible contractor (AECOM). Beginning with the first working/technical
group meeting on 3OCT, JLUS will be a major undertaking where we will host the contractors for a detailed tour of the post and discussion of our issues and concerns and include meetings with all partner jurisdictions. At points in time, we will request additional staff expertise to assist in developing products and/or providing answers for detailed questions within your field of expertise. During October, AECOM will be analyzing existing and historic conditions, followed by analysis of conflicts related to land use, air or
noise. We will have to provide a multitude of data and post to an established website. We will need to critically assess what data packages we provide and ascertain exactly how/where they will be displayed. These include things such as the operational noise plan, master range plan, past
EISs and EAs, considerable GIS products, the master plan LRC, and more. Mr. Ken Perrotte is our primary POC for this effort.

4. Fort AP Hill Strategic Plan. On 6 SEP, Fort AP Hill Directors & Select
Staff conducted the first in a series of Corporate Boards geared towards
writing the Fort AP Hill Strategic Plan. I have shared our recommended
Mission Statement, Vision, and Guiding Principles with our Higher
Headquarters leadership for awareness & concurrence with an eye towards
release NLT 1 OCT. At the end of this month, the Corporate Board will reconvene and begin to craft out our Lines of Effort, supporting Objectives & Timelines, and Desired Endstate. We will execute a methodical and disciplined planning process to ensure Fort AP Hill is postured to execute its mission in the near term and remain determined to enhance our operations over the next 3-5 years and beyond. We expect to complete our planning process in the OCT/NOV timeframe.

My priorities for next week are:

1. Support/execution of challenging & realistic training for both tenant &
rotational training units (planning for 34 units and over 3200 Warriors)

2. Execution of end of year budgeting requirements such that we maximize the obligation & commitment of available funds to support the AP Hill mission.

3. Refinement of DOL to ASC Transition plan & activities to ensure a
seamless transition of DOL services to the installation (garrison, partner
units, and rotational units) to include completion of Ammunition Supply
Point (ASP) activities such that we are in position to safely and
effectively execute all ASP work activities IAW the standing site plan NLT 1

4. Command Supply Discipline. As I have noted in earlier versions of the
Dispatch, Property Accountability is the responsible stewardship of
resources entrusted to our care and requires positive control through
accurate record keeping and positive control of equipment. We must properly account for all our equipment through “hands-on/eyes-on” validation. This effort also allows us to identify where we have shortages and make informed resource/budget and allocation decisions to correct shortages. In accordance with Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA) directives, we must validate our Property Book NLT DEC 2013 to ensure 100% of our property is brought to record. As such, I will establish routine “Supply Battle Rhythm” events (Monthly R&A, Supply ‘Terrain Walks’, local incentive programs for Supply excellence, etc) that reinforce positive & proactive accountability efforts across the installation.

5. Continued preparation for FAPH “Stand Up for Life” Day (27 SEP) & Mica
Reunion Support (30 SEP)

Tuesday’s Staff Call will be Training Focused. No focus topics scheduled at
this time.

Thanks again for all you do every day to ensure AP Hill’s success.

“Bring Hill Up!!!”

Peter E. Dargle
USAG Fort A.P. Hill Commander

About U.S. Army Garrison Fort A.P. Hill

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