Team IMCOM is force multiplier in battle against suicide

SAN ANTONIO — This Thursday we will observe a “Stand Up for Life Day” as we take time to discuss ways to build resiliency among our workforce, emphasize positive health and wellness habits, and learn more about behaviors that may help us deal more effectively with stress.

All of this leads to a more balanced approach to living that recognizes the importance of life.

Our goal is for us all to understand the Army’s approach to suicide prevention, including risk reduction techniques and prevention tools available to you, our Soldiers, Civilians and Army Families.

Team IMCOM is a force multiplier in this effort because of our leadership role in delivering the key programs such as Sponsorship, SHARP, ASAP and Transition which deliver Army Family Covenant and Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness programs. The benefits of physical fitness, intramural sports, child and youth recreation programs, and so many of the services that Installation Management Command provides can greatly enhance our resiliency and overall well being.

Our shared responsibility to our Army – and each other – is to be fully knowledgeable with how to seek help and then communicate that knowledge to our Soldiers, Civilians, and Families.

So this Thursday, please give your full attention to the instructors, demonstrators, and leaders who will guide us through the day and take time to visit and view the videos and messages from senior Army leaders, reference materials, commander’s tool kit, and much more so you can help win the fight and Stand Up for Life!

LTG Mike Ferriter and CSM Earl Rice

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