Fort A.P. Hill Hurricane Schedule

29 October 2012 (Monday)

Fort A.P. Hill will be closing at 1300 hours today due to severe weather conditions. Identified Mission Essential personnel will remain on duty. Managers will stagger Non-Mission Essential employees departing the installation in 20 minute increments. All range, training, logistical support and recreational activities will cease. Thank you.

30 October 2012 (Tuesday)

Fort A.P. Hill will remain closed on 30 October 2012 with the exception of mission-essential personnel identified for Recovery Operations. Contact (804) 633-8600 to remain informed on the base status.

31 October 2012 (Wednesday)

Operations on Fort A.P. Hill for Wednesday, 31 Oct will be assessed on Tuesday evening based on status of roads, utilities, and structures as determined by the Installation Recovery Team. Please monitor local radio and television stations for the latest information on weather conditions and installation status. AP Hill Hotline (804) 633-8600 will also have the most current installation status.”

About U.S. Army Garrison Fort A.P. Hill

This is the OFFICIAL Fort A.P. Hill WordPress blog. Views and opinions expressed here are those of the writers and do not reflect an official position of DOD, the Army or Fort A.P. Hill. Call the Public Affairs Office at (804) 633-8120 for more info.
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