Employee of the Month for November & December 2013

As we begin the New Year, it is my distinct honor and pleasure to announce the following individuals for their selection as Fort AP Hill Employee of the Month for November & December 2013 within their respective category.

Category I:

November 2013: Mr. Christopher Lockey (DES DASG) is recognized for his work in the establishment of the AP Hill Visitor Control Center and his work in the implementation of the Garrison’s updated Installation Access regulation & program. As a Security Guard within the Directorate of Emergency Services, Mr. Lockey has set an example of service and commitment to Fort AP Hill and the U.S. Army. His dedication, competence, and professionalism leads the way in Warrior support and ensures AP Hill provides the best training support possible.

December 2013: Ms. Joanne Williams (MWR) is a Lead Recreation Assistant for the Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation (DFMWR) Recreation Division. During the month of December, Ms. Williams exhibited a superior commitment to serving patrons of the Headquarters Fitness Facility. She supported the Jingle Bell Run on December 12, 2013 ensuring it was a complete success. She also sustained a high level of productivity, customer service, and consistent high quality of work. She increases office morale through her positive attitude, friendliness, and overall enjoyment of what she does. Ms. Williams goes above and beyond her responsibilities on a daily basis and provides support to our Warriors in a super manner while providing the “Best Training and Support – Anywhere”.

Category II:

November 2013: Mr. Brad Kearse (DPW) is an HVAC technician within the Operations and Maintenance Division of the Directorate of Public Works. He has consistently gone above and beyond in the accomplishment of his duties and responsibilities. In addition to his normal duties, he has taken on additional tasks to include inspecting furnaces, oil lines, and conducted HAZMAT disposal. He also performs as a safety officer and fire warden for his directorate. Mr. Kearse performs to an exceptionally high standard every day and ensures Warrior success regardless of the situation.

December 2013: Mr. Ronald L. “Lambo” Lamborgini (DPTMS) performs as a the Lead for the Range Branch Maintenance Section with the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, and Security. He has energetically managed and assigned the daily work load for three government employees and five contract workers assigned to the maintenance section. During the month of December 2013, Mr. Lamborgini took advantage of the reduced training load on all of FT. A.P. Hill’s qualification Ranges and organized, equipped, and led the effort to remedy problems and ensured all ranges met the standards outlined in Para 5-53, TC 25-8. Additionally, Mr. Lamborgini was able to set aside time from his “field” endeavors to process over $35,000.00 worth of GPC transactions for the month of December. His tireless efforts provided supplies, material, and equipment needed for the daily operations of the Directorate and fulfilled requests for customer training resources ensuring Warriors had the absolute best training opportunities available.

Category III:

November 2013: Mr. Lance Didlake (DPTMS) served as the acting Fort AP Hill Range Officer within DPTMS to an exceptionally high standard. Mr Didlake consistently demonstrated his dedication to the mission and determination in ensuring that every Warrior that trains on AP Hill receives the maximum support possible. In addition to his duties as the range officer, he volunteered to support the annual FAPH Wounded Warrior Hunt and played a critical role in the support of the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS). His actions were critical to the success of Fort A.P. Hill and its support to Warriors on a daily basis.

December 2013: Ms. Nadine Norris (MWR) performs as the NAF Support Manager for the Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation (DFMWR). Ms. Norris has worked tirelessly on NAF Financial Management, Marketing, NAF Property Management, Internal Review/Management Controls, Information Technology, and NAF Contracting and has done so to a very high standard. She has also led the Garrison’s effort to establish a Java Café, the restructure of the MWR overhead section, and consistently performed to a high standard while providing the best support to Warriors possible.

On behalf of the Command Group, we would like to congratulate all of our Employees for their superior service and support of the AP Hill mission and America’s Warriors. These Employees consistently displayed superior leadership, technical skill, and commitment to customer service in the performance of duties. Their selection as Employee of the Month reflects great credit on themselves, their directorate, and Fort AP Hill.

Peter E. Dargle
USAG Fort A.P. Hill Commander

About U.S. Army Garrison Fort A.P. Hill

This is the OFFICIAL Fort A.P. Hill WordPress blog. Views and opinions expressed here are those of the writers and do not reflect an official position of DOD, the Army or Fort A.P. Hill. Call the Public Affairs Office at (804) 633-8120 for more info.
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