Commander’s Dispatch 19 January 2014

To highlight some of the important activities from this past week at Fort AP Hill:

LOE 1: Soldier, DA Civilian, and Family Readiness.

1. Training Support. As a Regional Training Center, Fort AP Hill provides a challenging & realistic training environment for a diverse Warrior population that includes units & organizations from our Special Operations community; conventional Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve units from across the Joint Force; and multiple interagency organizations & activities. In accordance with the AP Hill mission, supporting our Warrior’s training remains our priority effort. AP Hill provided premier training support to 21 Units and over 1,320 Warriors last week in preparation for their wartime mission.
a. Please visit the following link for story/pictures regarding 3rd SFG training at Fort AP Hill from last week,
2. Ready & Resilient Campaign. Fort AP Hill is committed to the Army’s goal of enhancing individual and collective resilience to improve readiness across the Total Army (Active, National Guard, and Army Reserve), Civilians, and Family Members. Our R2C integrates and synchronizes local & distant station (Fort Belvoir, Fort Lee) R2C related activities aimed at improving physical, mental, and emotional health to enhance performance and increase readiness across the Garrison.
a. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program. Another of our distant station support activities, Fort Belvoir’s EEO Office provides support to Fort AP Hill’s workforce on EEO related matters. EEO is designed to promote a positive work environment for all employees by assisting management in carrying out responsibilities relative to equal employment opportunity, recruitment, career development, and retention of a diverse workforce. Mr. Carey Williams serves as AP Hill’s primary support provider and can be reached at (703) 805-5388 or on the web at
b. Inspector General Office (IG). The Joint Force National Capitol Region & Military District of Washington (JFHQ-NCR/MDW) Inspector General’s main office is located on Fort McNair in Washington DC with two satellite offices that provide IG service, one on Fort Belvoir and the other on Fort Meade. The primary mission of the IG is to assess and report to the Commanding General, in an unbiased, objective and timely manner on matters affecting mission performance and the state of economy, as well as on matters including discipline, morale, training, and readiness. Fort AP Hill’s supporting IG Office can be contacted at (703) 806-0088 or on the web at

3. Employee of the Month. It was a distinct honor and pleasure to announce the following individuals for their selection as Fort AP Hill Employee of the Month for November & December 2013 within their respective category last week.
a. Category I: NOV – Mr. Christopher Lockey (DES DASG) is recognized for his work in the establishment of the AP Hill Visitor Control Center and his work in the implementation of the Garrison’s updated Installation Access regulation & program; DEC – Ms. Joanne Williams (MWR) exhibited a superior commitment to serving patrons of the Headquarters Fitness Facility through a high level of productivity, customer service, and consistent high quality of work.
b. Category II: NOV – Mr. Brad Kearse (DPW), an HVAC technician within the Operations and Maintenance Division of the Directorate of Public Works, has taken on additional tasks to include inspecting furnaces, oil lines, and conducted HAZMAT disposal; DEC – Mr. Ronald L. “Lambo” Lamborgini (DPTMS) performs as Lead for the Range Branch Maintenance Section with the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, and Security. During the month of December, Mr. Lamborgini took advantage of the reduced training load to organize and conduct range inspections/repairs to ensure they met the standards outlined in Para 5-53, TC 25-8.
c. Category III: NOV – Mr. Lance Didlake (DPTMS) served as the acting Fort AP Hill Range Officer within DPTMS to an exceptionally high standard. In addition to his duties as the range officer, he volunteered to support the annual FAPH Wounded Warrior Hunt and played a critical role in the support of the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS); DEC – Ms. Nadine Norris (MWR) performs as the NAF Support Manager for the Directorate of Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation (DFMWR). Ms. Norris has worked tirelessly on NAF Financial Management, Marketing, NAF Property Management, Internal Review/Management Controls, Information Technology, and NAF Contracting. She has also leads the Garrison’s effort to establish a Java Café, the restructure of the MWR overhead section, and consistently performed to a high standard while providing the best support to Warriors possible.

4. FY14 Overtime Guidance. Last week, Fort AP Hill received updated IMCOM funding guidance for FY14 which included adjustments to Overtime/Comp Time approval authorities. IMCOM lifted restrictions on the use of overtime work, including compensatory time, for FY14 allowing Commanders, supervisors and other leaders to review and approve OT/Comp Time at the lowest level possible while still ensuring that overtime work is officially ordered and approved, in writing, by the appropriate supervisory authority, before it is performed. Funding for overtime pay, including the payment of unused compensatory time, must be accounted for within the resources allocated to each command or organization and will not exceed the FY12 cost of overtime work during FY14. As such, I have delegated OT/Comp Time approval to Fort AP Hill Directors and appropriate supervisory authorities and will work with RM over the next week to capture our FY12 OT/Comp Time funding level to determine an appropriate method for the distribution of OT/Comp Time funds to each directorate. Additionally, we will establish internal controls such that Directors have a responsibility to conduct quarterly updates with the Command on OT/Comp Time execution and the expenditure of funds in its execution.

LOE 2: Installation Readiness.

1. Joint Staff Integrated Vulnerability Assessment (JSIVA). Fort AP Hill continues preparation for the execution of JSIVA 2-7 MAR 14. Initial cross-directorate requirements to review/update and validate supporting installation plans/SOPs continued with submission of required documentation to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) expected at the end of this month. Over the next week, an AP Hill “Tiger Team” will consolidate submissions and ensure individually submitted directorate plans/SOPs correctly support AP Hill and/or higher level plans & programs. Directorates should expect additional requirements to adjust submitted documents during this review/validation process to ensure proper nesting across all programs, policies, and regulations.

2. POM 16-20 MDEP Reductions. In support of IMCOM’s planning for MDEP reductions during POM 16-20, Fort AP Hill submitted 6 x reclamas through Atlantic Region based on projected manpower reductions in QDPW, QRPA, VENQ, QDPW-P (Fire & Emergency Services), VSCW, and TAVI. We also submitted requests for clarification regarding projected reductions in QNMG to ensure continuity of support provided by external commands for Religious, Legal, and EEO support. This represents Phase I of IMCOM efforts to identify critical impacts that manpower reductions will have on a garrison’s ability to provide consistent common levels of support to our customer. Phase II (Rebalance) begins 27JAN – 5MAR and will determine the best alignment of remaining authorizations across the enterprise based on projected MDEP reductions. We will continue to actively engage Atlantic Region and IMCOM MDEP managers to ensure our concerns are properly relayed during the process and understand that our concerns are shared by a number of other garrisons in the identified MDEPs.

3. Annual Work Plan (AWP) Update. For situational awareness, the following updates on our FY14 AWP are available. This is not comprehensive, but does reflect some of the larger on-going garrison projects. Most notably, we expect USACE-Norfolk personnel to visit next week to complete site surveys for Fire Station 9, Wilcox Loading Ramp, and the North Range Road bridge repair designs:
a. Project SA216907-2P Reconfigure AHA and Relocate Truck Holding Area (AWP Priority 21) is a design project to improve CL V operations and safety at the ASP. Required information on site lighting fixtures used by Rappahannock Electric was submitted to USACE-Norfolk last week. Our target for design package submission to MICC remains 2MAY to facilitate execution in FY14.
b. Project F4218587-2P Safety Improvements to Range 10 (AWP Priority 6) continues positive movement ICW USACE-Huntsville. We received design submission from Huntsville with the preliminary cost estimate showing feasibility for us to accomplish all identified requirements, including the storage building, within the funds currently designated. DPW Engineers will review comments for design submission and return to Huntsville by 31JAN with a target date for final submittal of 14FEB.
c. Project – F0M0004365-3P Replace Loading and Unloading Ramps in Wilcox (AWP Priority 9) was reviewed with USACE-Norfolk and anticipate a site visit on 22JAN. Target is to have the Ready-to Advertise package ready for submission prior to the MICC deadline of 2 May.

LOE 3: Community.
1. Caroline County Government Official Welcome Ceremony. CSM Whitcomb and I were honored to represent Fort AP Hill in welcoming the new Caroline Director of Social Services, Tonya Christian, to her position on 16JAN. A social at the Caroline County Government Offices in Bowling Green reflected the community’s continued support and promotion of effective programs and activities for the great People of Caroline County.

2. Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Led by Mr. Ben McBride, Fort AP Hill enjoyed incredible success during this year’s CFC. Starting in NOV/DEC with a campaign goal of $8000, Fort AP Hill pledges topped $10,300 at closing last week. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the campaign and know that your generosity will go far to assist those charities you designated to receive pledges.

LOE 4: Transformation. NSTR.

Priorities for next week are:
1. Support/execution of challenging & realistic training for both tenant & rotational training units. AP Hill remains vigilant in preparation and support to Warriors executing training and plan to support 14 Units and over 1,400 Warriors this coming week. We will continue with procedures that allow maximum training opportunities while mitigating unnecessary risk to the safe execution of challenging and realistic training.

2. AFGE Local 2902 CBA Negotiations. Beginning next week, AFGE Local 2902 and Fort AP Hill representatives will conduct negotiations on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. This is a significant undertaking for the Garrison and we greatly appreciate the commitment, attention, and support of all parties engaged in this process to achieve a quality product that ensures our employees are given proper consideration in workplace conditions as well as enabling the Fort AP Hill mission to remain successful in execution. While anticipating & encouraging positive discussions throughout, we will work through challenges with all due diligence and professionalism while retaining a keen awareness of the end state desired — take care of the workforce and successful mission execution.

3. Asymmetric Warfare Group Activities (22-23JAN). On 23JAN, Fort AP Hill hosts the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the newly constructed $94M AWG Training Complex. This diverse, unique complex will support a wide range of DoD and other Federal organizations in preparing for emerging threats across the globe. Additionally, the site will enable rapid solution development in terms of material, personnel, and procedures.
a. AWG Stationing Packet Review (22JAN). IAW AR 5-10, Fort AP Hill continues review & staffing of the TRADOC developed Stationing Package for AWG with an IPR scheduled for 22JAN. While personnel moves are minimal, the increase in infrastructure and associated ranges remain a challenge for Fort AP Hill resources to properly support. The addition of the AWG complex represents a 16% “footprint” increase in total infrastructure and it is paramount that we provide thoughtful and thorough input to the Stationing Packet to ensure support of this significant Partner Unit.

4. AT Executive Council (ATEC) (21JAN). As a natural adjunct to the Protection Working Group held on 7JAN, Mr. Jerry Bennett (DPTMS – AT) facilitates our ATEC on 21JAN. The ATEC is designed to develop AT strategy, vote on projects, decision points and recommended COAs, as well as provide policy guidance and oversight to the AT/PSWG based on feedback from the quarterly working group meetings. Additionally, the ATEC receives threat information from the Threat Information Fusion Cell (TIFC) and directs AT/PS, FPCON and Random AT measures to be implemented via the AT Working Group.

5. SHARP. Fort AP Hill remains committed to ensuring people are treated with dignity and respect and that communication channels for reporting any potential sexual harassment or assault are well published. Please visit AP Hill’s SHARP site information on the public website
( ) for any information or assistance you may need. As a reminder, Fort AP Hill’s annual SHARP training begins next week with four sessions available for the Garrison to participate between 21 JAN & 27 JAN (all sessions at the TSC). We will also video the training to support “shift” personnel virtual training participation should work schedules not accommodate published timelines. Please contact Ms. Faye Lewis or Ms. Madelaine Perrotte-Clontz for scheduling your training.

6. Theater Engineer Command Visit/Site Recon (20-21JAN). Building from our recent success at White’s Lake, Fort AP Hill hosts representatives from the 7th Engineers between 20-21 JAN to conduct site visits/recon of requested engineer troop projects on the garrison. This effort reflects a significant resource saving measure by applying available troop labor against a wide arrange of infrastructure/facility related projects that would have otherwise had to be done at additional cost via contract or completed “in-house” with a limited pool of manpower resources. While saving valuable resources and time, this also promotes a positive opportunity for both supporting units and Fort AP Hill by allowing units to “train” on “real world” engineer horizontal/vertical construction missions that result in greatly improved infrastructure for the garrison.

Thanks again for all you do every day to ensure AP Hill’s success.

“Bring Hill Up!!!”

Peter E. Dargle
USAG Fort A.P. Hill Commander
Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia
“The Best Training & Support – Anywhere!”

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