Environmental & Natural Resources

The Environmental and Natural Resources Division provides proactive compliance and natural resource management services to support the mission activities at Fort A.P. Hill.

We continue to sustain the environment & support mission activities for a secure future!

Fort A.P. Hill is a 76,000 acre U.S. Army installation situated in a rural setting between the metropolitan areas of Richmond, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Fort A.P. Hill is the sixth largest Army installation east of the Mississippi River consisting of a 27,000-acre live-fire range complex and 49,000 acres of non-live-fire maneuver training areas.

Fort A.P. Hill’s environmental management practices have been recognized by the DoD, Secretary of the Army,  Commonwealth of Virginia, and others.

* E4 Extraordinary Environmental Enterprise

* Citation for Meritorious Achievement Presented to USAG Fort A.P. Hill Environmental Restoration Team
* DoD Honorable Mention for Environmental Restoration

* National/Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Award for Federal Partnerships in Historic Preservation
* Secretary of the Army Award for Environmental Restoration Team

* GSA Achievement Award for Real Property Innovation
* National Trust for Historic Preservation Award for Federal Partnership       

* Commonwealth of VA DoD Eagle Award
* Department of Interior Partners in Conservation Award

Environmental Handbook

The 2018 Fort A.P. Hill Environmental Handbook provides an outline of personnel responsibilities, policies and procedures, and guidance for managing environmental resources at Fort A.P. Hill in Caroline County, Virginia.Environmental Handbook

A series of Fact Sheets provide easy-to-use reference on over seventy environmental topics, from Aerosol Cans to Weapons Cleaning.

The Directorate of Public Works Environmental and Natural Resources Division manages the environmental program at Fort A.P. Hill. The Environmental and Natural Resources Division has implemented an Sustainable Environmental Management System that provides the framework to manage all environmental programs and aspects associated with installation operations.

The Environmental Handbook supports the Sustainable Environmental Management System and Commander’s policy providing guidance and Environmental controls for Installation personnel, soldiers, tenants and contractor personnel.


1 Response to Environmental & Natural Resources

  1. Brenda Fulford says:

    Congrads to Fort AP Hill for being the best! Proud to say I am from Bowling Green! I now live in Florida but we visit often.

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