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Many people see history in a large big-picture sense: It’s only significant if the world or the country has undergone change. To an anthropologist–one who studies people and their culture–significance lies not necessarily in the big-picture, but in understanding the everyday lives of people. This oral history is especially significant because it focuses on a lost world. The way of life in Caroline County in 1930 is truly known to only a few, and we are all fortunate to be enriched by their contribution. This book is dedicated to all the people who gave their time to open their hearts and share their memories and thoughts so this history could be told.

Their thoughts and their memories will live on as historical record in…

Oral History of Life Before Fort A. P. Hill

With our 70th anniversary quickly approaching, the book, Wealthy in Heart, has once again entered the spotlight. This work tells of the past history of how US Army Garrison Fort A.P. Hill became the training Post it is today. The PDF is free. However, the file is 59 MB and may take a while to load depending on your connection.

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4 Responses to Wealthy in Heart

  1. Dave T. says:

    I downloaded and read this e-book and found it to be fascinating. It is a truly remarkable collection of stories and I’m so pleased someone took the time to collect first hand accounts before they were lost. I myself am doing research on a family that owned a tract of land that was purchased by the government to help build the Fort. In one of this book’s appendices there is a wonderful chart of land owners and prices paid. I am interested in finding the corresponding map that goes along with this chart. Would you happen to know the contact information of perhaps the author of Wealthy in Heart or a records keeper at the Fort that would have further information on the land acquisition for the Fort? I’d appreciate any help you could give.

    ~Dave T.

  2. Stephen m. Bruce says:

    My name is Stephen M. Bruce. I am the son of Robert Lee Bruce. I have 2 brothers, 1 sister and then I have 4 children and 4 grand children. My grandfather , Homer Hague Bruce was given $5 an acre for his farms in Ap Hill. Me and my family would like copies of the book “wealthy in heart” . I have seen the ebook but if we could ask fairly could we get a copy in hand of the real copy. If this isn’t too much to ask for what was done to our family that would be good.
    Thank You,
    Stephen M. Bruce
    19056 Beaverdam Road
    Beaverdam VA 23015

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